Exhibit 2018

Puppet Homecoming 2018 Puppetry Exhibit

Puppet Exhibit at Homecoming 2012

Puppet Homecoming 2014

Puppet Homecoming 2018 invites all Festival attendees and performers to take part in the festival’s  Puppetry Exhibit.  This will be open to the public in the 118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro, VT building along with the Pop-Up Puppetry Store.  Share your craft and ingenuity with your peers!   Bring  your marionettes, hand puppets, best props and scenery,  and collectibles for display.

Exhibit items and Store items will be accepted Friday afternoon,  September 21, and again Sunday September 23 to return them to you.  The Puppetry Exhibit and Puppetry Store will be open all day Saturday, September 22.  We have exhibit tables. Please bring your own armatures for hand puppet display, and marionette stands.

Dragon puppet by Artie Poore

Dragon puppet by Artie Poore – PH 2014