Puppet Homecoming 2016 Puppetry Exhibit

Puppet Exhibit at Homecoming 2012

Puppet Homecoming 2014

Puppet Homecoming 2016 and Garden State Puppetry Guild invite all attendees and performers to take part in the festival’s  Puppetry Exhibit.  This will be open to attendees and the public.  Share your craft and ingenuity with your peers!   Bring  your marionettes, hand puppets, best props and scenery,  and collectibles for display in the secure exhibit  room.

Guild members will be available Friday afternoon and evening,  September  9  to log in your offerings, and again Sunday September 11 to return them to you in an orderly way.  The Puppetry Exhibit will be open at mealtimes and free time Saturday, September 10, with  volunteer “museum guards” present to watch over our display.

Dragon puppet by Artie Poore

Dragon puppet by Artie Poore – PH 2014

We have marionette racks and exhibit tables. Please bring your own armatures for hand puppet display. We are a tiny guild, so we appreciate volunteer collaborators. Contact Diane Koszarski, Garden State Puppetry Guild, at PupHomExhibit2016@gmail.com for information and help, or indicate on your Festival Registration form that you are interested in participating.

Please Touch

Does anyone want to share a puppet that is interesting and fun to work?  I am repeating the popular “Please Touch And Try Out” table display of puppets in the Homecoming Puppetry Exhibit and would love some contributions. If you bring it we will display it.   If you have any questions contact Penny Jones  pennypuppets@att.net