Sure-Minded Uncertainties by Cave Dogs

Friday, September 9, 2016  8:30 PM

Dogs_Cave_Story TellerSure-Minded Uncertainties explores how the interplay of materialism, spiritualism, technology and stewardship of the earth shapes our modern world. The performance examines the nature of existence on the physical
and metaphysical planes through the divergent lenses of micro and macro perspectives. A range of fantastical characters acting as modern day archetypes navigate a series of transformations through five short stories interweaving their fundamentally similar, but often out of place worlds. The work, when viewed in its entirety, forms a collective narrative that addresses mankind’s complicated relationship to nature and its resources.

Dogs_Cave_Tree PullerPart abstract documentary and part fictionalized realism; Sure-minded Uncertainties uses innovative visual effects and an original sound track to create a rich experience that documents and preserves important cultural voices and stories.

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