Professional Day 2018

The Professional Day for The Teaching Artist  and Therapist(PDTAT) Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Homecoming Festival 

               Sept 21, 2018   9:00-4:00Matthew_Bernier

PDTAT is a Professional Development day for puppeteers, educators and therapists . Presenters have extensive experience in their art and/ also in education and or therapy; they will discuss topics on how to be more effective in working in educational and therapeutic setting with puppets.

Presentations can include: Projects that have been effective and how these projects meet State Standards, STEAM, STEM, Information on evaluating work, Training needed to be an effected Teaching Artist, Research and advanced graduate study, use of technology, The role of Puppetry and the ARTS in education and therapy today, How puppets relate to current educational philosophy i.e. Multiple Intelligence, learning styles, literacy, and other curricular topics, Guidelines and practices in using Puppetry in therapy; Current philosophy on the use and effectiveness of puppetry in therapy. Please include at least one puppet and or prop that you used that relates to your topic.

Claire_RitzlerPresenters can select to use visual aids, Power Point, Slides, video. Each presenter has a 30 minute time allotment: 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion with the participants.  Presentations should be focused on one topic and timed to allow for lively discussion.

A certificate of completion will be given for presenters and participants to use for professional development points.

“Teaching artists are professional artists who have also developed the ability as educators to effectively draw people into the arts and artistic engagement. Teaching artists are relied on in organizations including schools, arts institutions, senior centers, juvenile justice and corporate  programs, to engage audiences and incite active arts participation. The  teaching artist field has rapidly grown in the last two decades as their  skills become progressively more important in a world where creativity is  increasingly associated with productivity.”

David Marshall, Ma Cultural Council.

Puppetry in therapy is an important aspect of the power of the puppet and an area that is growing nationally and internationally. It is important for us to explore how puppets can be used in a variety of ways in expressive therapy.

Download and return the completed Proposal Form to Judith O’Hare,

Deadline for Proposal Form submission is March 31, 2018.

Return via e-mail — contact me if you have questions.