Puppetry Store


An important part of any successful festival is the Puppetry Store and the success of the Puppetry Store is all about YOU!

Here is how it works…

We cordially invite all Festival attendees to submit sale items to the Puppetry Store: puppets, costumes, books, videos and more are welcome. These items are priced so you get a 75% share and the Puppetry Store receives 25%, which goes to support future Regional programs like this festival. You may volunteer to help man the store.  This is a sure fire way to meet many people, talk shop and have a great and lucrative time.

Here are instructions:

  1. Enter all your sale items ahead of time and print out bar-coded price tags and attach them to your merchandise.
  2. Sign up for a check-in time.
  3. Bring sales items in person, (The Puppetry Store does not accept any shipped merchandise at this Festival).
  4. Volunteering at the Puppetry Store is fun and helpful and you can sign up for volunteer slots on-line.

MySaleManager item entry screen. Enter each item, then print out labels.


Contact the Puppetry Store by e-mail festivalstore@puppeteers.org By signing up on-line, you agree that you have read, understood, and will comply with the policies of the Puppetry Store.

To sign up go to:


For returning Consignors from the 2015 National Puppetry Festival go to:


Please note:


Consignors whose merchandise is correctly entered, bar-coded and ready to sell on arrival will receive 75% of their sales. The Puppetry Store retains 25% and pays credit card fees associated with your sales.

All Consignors are responsible to enter all sales items, prices, etc., into the MySaleManager.net system. All Consignors are responsible to print all bar-code tags and to mark all sales items with bar-code tags for sale. The Puppetry Store Manager and workers are not responsible for bar-coding, tagging sale items for the Consignor. Puppetry Store Manager reserves the right to not place untagged items for sale.


Please sign up for a check-in time.  In the event that you are not able to keep your check-in appointment, please call to reschedule and free up your time for someone else.



No books or videos are to be sold on consignment that are duplicates of those provided by the Puppeteers of America Puppetry Store. To check the Puppetry Store’s inventory contact execdir@puppeteers.org or festivalstore@puppeteers.org


PUPPETEERS OF AMERICA assumes no responsibility for possible copyright infringement on any consignment items.  The consignor warrants that they have the right to sell the items they are submitting to the Puppetry Store.


  • Any item under $1.
  • Items that are clearly dirty and/or smell bad.
  • Duplicates of items carried by the Puppeteers of America Puppetry Store.
  • The Puppetry Store reserves the right to reject sub-standard merchandise.
  • We will do everything we can to care for your items, however, we cannot be held responsible in case of fire, theft or damage.


CHECK-OUT MUST BE COMPLETED ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th AT 5:00 PM. Be sure to pick up your unsold merchandise and check out with the Puppetry Store Clerk. You will be paid by check (after deducting of all commissions and sales tax) within 30-days of the sale.

Unsold merchandise not picked up by 5:00 pm on Sunday, September 11th will be forfeited.