Puppet Homecoming 2018 Festival Registration

WHAT IS NEW?  There are 3 parts to Registering for this year’s Puppet Homecoming.

  1. Register for Puppet Homecoming 2018 and choose your Workshops.
  2. Choose your show days and times.  You will receive a coupon code and ordering instructions from us that will guide you through reserving your tickets on the Puppets in the Green Mountains website.  (Tickets Available in June)
  3. Reserve your hotel accommodations.  If you are staying at the hotel, contact Holiday Inn Express.  There is a special rate for Puppet Festival attendees IMPORTANT: You must reserve before August 20 to receive the Puppetry Festival discount.  Breakfast is included with the Hotel; lunch and dinner is up to you to select from the many interesting places in Brattleboro.  (We’ll provide a list of recommendations.)

To attend the Professional Day for the Teaching Artists and Therapists select that option on the Registration Form.

If you do not want the full registration you may buy tickets to individual performances directly from Puppets in the Green Mountains.

You will also be able to attend any weekend workshop for a nominal fee.  (Signup will be online in July, depending on class space availability.)


Tucker's Tales

Marianne & Tom Tucker at Puppet Homecoming 2012