with Cheryl Capezzuti

Sunday, Sept. 11 – 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM

Learn about the puppetry curriculum at the Falk Laboratory School at the University of Pittsburgh. Puppetry is woven into the school curriculum by puppetmaker Cheryl Capezzuti who works with students from kindergarten through eighth grade making puppets ranging from simple shadow puppets to beautiful rod puppets to programmable robotic creatures. Anyone who teaches puppetry at any level will be inspired by the many units of study developed for children at this progressive school. In addition to seeing images and videos from ten integrated puppetry projects, participants will learn deeply about three units of study: A second grade project that transforms recycled water bottles into butterfly stick puppets for a spring parade, a fifth grade unit of study that uses the Hummingbird programmable robotics platform to create animatronic creatures and a sixth grade project inspired by “War Horse” that uses cardboard in a simple and elegant way to make giant horse puppets. Everyone in the workshop will select one of these projects to experience in a hands-on way during the “Puppet Lab” and will walk away with a handbook of puppetry ideas to incorporate into their own teaching situations. Please note: Participants will not be able to keep the electronic components used for the hands-on robotics portion of this workshop but will have an opportunity to experiment with them during the session.

Participants in “Puppet Lab” will be inspired by images and videos of twelve different puppetry projects, they will learn in-depth information about three units of study that integrate puppetry into many curricular areas, they will get hands-on experience creating a beautiful butterfly stick puppet, experimenting with animatronic creatures or building a large-scale cardboard puppet as a team. Everyone will receive a handbook of puppetry lessons developed by Cheryl Capezzuti at Falk Laboratory School at the University of Pittsburgh.