Puppet Exhibit at Homecoming 2012

Show off your favorite puppetry creations in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont this autumn as part of the Puppet Homecoming 2018  Puppetry Exhibit.  This will be open to the public in the downtown shopping district at 118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro, VT along with the Pop-Up Puppetry Store.  This is a special corner of our Festival experience; your chance to share that cleverly constructed creature, that antique marionette, or that amazing puppet from far away, with your peers and the inquiring public.

Exhibit items and Store items will be accepted Friday,  September 21.  Pick up will be  Sunday morning September 23.  The Puppetry Exhibit and Puppetry Store will be open all day Saturday, September 22.  We have exhibit tables. Please bring your own armatures for hand puppet display, and marionette stands.

Here is form for a description and an image of your offering.  We find this so helpful for planning a museum quality exhibit, but it is not required for participation. We will be gathering items and arranging them for display all Friday afternoon, September 21, and returning them to you Sunday morning September 23.

Please contact Diane Koszarski at PHexhibit2018@gmail.com to propose your exhibit piece, or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dragon puppet by Artie Poore

Dragon puppet by Artie Poore – PH 2014