Performances 2018

Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival is presenting the performances.  Registration to the Puppet Homecoming 2018 Regional Festival includes admission to each featured show plus the Friday late night Puppet Cabaret and Saturday late-night Puppet Mutiny SLAM.  You may also purchase inividual tickets directly from Puppets in the Green Mountains to the performances without registering for the Regional Festival.

Hijinx Theatre: Meet Fred Mittenmang Festival Theater Bremen, May 26 2017 © Holger Rudolph +491637828394

Hijinx Theatre: Meet Fred


HIJINX in association with BLIND SUMMIT (Wales) Meet Fred

When threatened with losing his Puppetry Living Allowance, Fred’s life begins to spiral out of his control. A sell-out show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

‘Sharp, funny and vastly entertaining’ (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian).


PUPPET AND ITS DOUBLE (Taiwan) Mr Ruraru’s Ruraru_websq300Yard

A contemporary Japanese children’s book brought to life. This evocative non-verbal piece for families explores the idea of sharing space, as we follow Mr Ruraru’s escalating efforts to try and keep his backyard tame and free of nature and its critters.




Riel_websq300RUSTWERK REFINERY (Quebec) Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Stage Play

This epic tale addresses the trial of Louis Riel, who led a 19th century rebellion of Métis people in western Canada against the English government in Ottawa, to retain the rights to their Manitoba land. In this intrepid and irreverent look at some of Canada’s founders, Louis Riel : A ComicStrip Stage Play is part adventure story, part history lesson, and a completely fascinating theatrical event.


Babylon_websq300SANDGLASS THEATER (USA) Babylon

Sandglass Theater’s newest piece tells the story of today’s refugees: their sense of home, their arduous journeys and the challenges of resettlement. Performed by puppets and actors with moving panoramas known as crankies, Babylon weaves together the stories of people recently resettled from Syria, Afghanistan, El Salvador and Burundi. The blending of actual testimony with imagined figures gives a personal glimpse into this global crisis.

Hungerartist_web300sqSINKING SHIP Productions (USA) A Hunger Artist

This visually-striking adaptation of the Kafka story uses physical theater, Victorian miniatures, puppetry, and a set of simple props to support a powerhouse solo performance. What begins as a simple nostalgic story transforms into a startlingly inventive, darkly comic trip into the nature of memory, art, performance, and spectatorship, as told by the only person who remembers an artist whose act was simply… to hunger.

Photo: The Joshua Show: Episode 2 Little Shadow Productions Written and Performed by Joshua Holden Music Composed and Performed by Jeb Colwell Directed by Jessica Lazar Produced by Jean Marie Keevins (Little Shadow Productions) Stage Managed by Katie Kennedy Lighting Design by Jay Ryan Additional Music by Dave Neff production photography: Saturday, September 9, 2017; 12:30 PM at Dorothy B. Williams Theatre; HERE Arts Center, NYC. Photograph: © 2017 Richard Termine PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

The Joshua Show: Episode 2

JOSHUA HOLDEN (USA) The Joshua Show: Episode 2

Mr. Nicholas, the notorious grump, is planning an escape to outer space. With singing,tap dancing, and a cast of zany puppets, Joshua sets out to convince Mr. Nicholas to stay, and in doing so, he brings glee to the masses. Relax your smile muscles now because The Joshua Show: Episode 2 will have you smiling from ear to ear with contagious joy.