Festival Job Descriptions

It takes a lot of volunteers to create a puppet festival.  It works best when several people take on responsibility for specific roles.  Of course, everybody usually helps out everybody else, but it all works more smoothly if everyone knows who to ask. 

Artistic Committee:

Screen performance applications. Select artists and shows to produce an artistically balanced festival, including different styles of puppetry, children/family shows, adult/young adult content shows, full shows as well as short form performances. Invite performers, and follow through to ensure that they have sent us pictures of their work, bios, and are registered for the festival.  Gather performance needs, and/or if needs change, communicate to the Production Manager/Stage Manager.  Review and edit the performance descriptions and performer bios to be used in the promotion of the Festival.

Exhibit Director:

Solicit items for display. Set up and take down (with volunteer help) the puppetry exhibit. Let the Festival Director know how many tables will be needed.

Exhibit Volunteers:

Catalog and record exhibit items as they arrive, and print labels. Help set up and take down the puppetry exhibit.

Workshop Coordinator:

Review incoming workshop proposals. Seek to have a balance of practical information, hands on activities, new technology, performance oriented, etc. Send list of recommendations to Festival Director. When roster is set, notify selected Workshop Presenters, and communicate the schedule and facility requirements to the Festival Director.  Review and edit the workshop descriptions and presenter bios to be used in the promotion of the Festival.

Production Manager/Stage Manager:

Oversees performance sites, performance needs.

Potpourri Coordinator & MC:

Collect names and create line up for Potpourri evening . Shepherd the participants and MC the show.

Slam Coordinator & MC:

Collect names and create line up for Slam. Shepherd the participants and MC the show.

Registration Coordinators:

Receive and catalog registrations, and assign rooms.

Hospitality/ Registration/ Customer Service:

This committee’s job is to make everyone welcome. Assist Registrars with getting folks oriented, hand out registration packets.

Puppetry Store:

preferably someone who has run a festival store previously. You will need to organize a staff and have experience with on site sales. The store will be housed in the same room as the exhibit.

Puppetry Store Volunteers:

Receive and record incoming items, and print labels. Help set merchandise on tables. Provide in-store retail sales.


When the performance application goes out, publicize it through various means, ie. social media, word of mouth, etc.  Assemble any and all means of getting the word out to as wide an audience as possible. Promote the festival to the local community as well. Work with festival director and the web coordinator.


seek out local grants to possibly perform at a local school. Publicize PDTAT locally.


seek out recommendations of people who have served the organization, particularly the NE and Mid-Atlantic Regions. Give recommendations to Festival Director.

Festival Reporter:

responsible for recording the festival and writing an in depth article for the Puppetry Journal

Festival Director:(Site Manager)

Select site. Oversees site. Negotiate contracts. Prepare Festival Budget. Approve Performance and Workshop proposal forms. Send out. Include Puppet Places in the mailing. Prepare a Performer’s contract. De facto member of all committees. Seek outside funds. Connect with local community, together with Outreach chair. Review all performances and workshops to insure a balanced program. Work closely with Production manager, webmaster to insure good communication. Keep PofA Business Office informed. Call and chair staff meetings. Prepare final report for PofA.

Business Manager:

Review Budget. Keep an overview of number of registrants, income, write checks. Collect final reports.

Scholarship Raffle:

seek out raffle items. Sell tickets. Hold raffle.

Web Site Manager