Puppet Playback

with Matthew Bernier

Sunday, Sept. 11 – 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM

Puppetry Playback Theatre (a modification of Playback Theatre) is a form of improvisational theatre with applications for entertainment, creative drama, education, and therapeutic puppetry.  The process involves the playing back of personal stories by the players/puppets for the storyteller/client.  The experience for the storyteller can be healing, educational, enlightening, and validating and can sometimes provide insight and closure to unresolved conflicts.  Participants will learn about the origins, concepts, rationale, and methods of Puppetry Playback Theatre.  The roles of the storyteller, conductor, puppeteers, puppets, musician, and audience, as well as the importance of attending to the needs of the storyteller and the audience will be addressed.  This workshop includes active participation in a demonstration of this method.  Various applications of the method can be explored.