Water Puppetry Primer

with Andrew Periale

Part 1 – Saturday, 9/10  8:45 AM
Part 2 – Sunday, 9/11  8:45 AM


Indoor pool at Hudson Valley Resort

The goal of this workshop (in addition to seriously wet fun) is to create and learn to perform puppets inspired by the Vietnamese tradition of water puppetry, in which scenes are performed in and on a body of water and the means of manipulation are concealed by the water. Participants will be expected to sit in a shallow pool for extended periods of time—bathing suits required! We will be using modern materials and themes. Basic materials will be provided—PVC tubing, brazing rod, nylon rivets, fishing line, etc.—as well as some figures and materials  that can be used for the puppets, though participants are encouraged to bring materials and figures that they think might work well as water puppets: Rubber Duckies, action figures, Barbies, and so on. We will experiment with multi-person puppets, such as water dragons.

Session 1 will focus on construction. Session 2 in the pool, will be dedicated to devising short pieces, and developing a technique of manipulation that optimizes use of the water as a performance medium.  Basic tools will be available, but additional tools are welcome, particularly pliers suited to bending wire, sturdy snips and scissors.

Materials fee: $5.

FAUSTcollageAndrew Periale has been a puppeteer for over 30 years. Together with his wife, Bonnie, he has produced the magazines for UNIMA-USA since 1985, and as Perry Alley Theatre has been awarded the George Latshaw award, three UNIMA Citations, and an Emmy nomination. The Periales were recently elected Members of Honor of UNIMA, the global puppetry organization.